A Guide to the Best East Bay Neighborhoods

East Bay Property Management and Consulting is a full-service property management company with longstanding experience in the rental business. We strive to promote growth in your investments by ensuring they are properly maintained and overseen. Our team provides services to locations all across the East Bay. When we begin the process of listing your property, we develop marketing strategies based on the surrounding rental market, and it all depends on the neighborhood in which it’s located.

East Bay Property Management and Consulting aims to support your investments through and through. The following is a guide we have put together which details every neighborhood we serve, so you can find yours and start working with us today.

 The Neighborhoods We Serve

East Bay

East Bay Neighborhoods

East Bay is an urban spot that’s home to popular sports teams and entertainment events. With its city vibe, there is never a lack to explore and there will always be something to do. The neighborhoods found in East Bay are Castro Valley, Dublin, Livermore and Milpitas, among others.

Castro Valley

Castro Valley neighbohoods



Castro Valley is a vibrant community that offers a wide variety of things to do while here. Every visitor finds what they’re looking for while in the area. The neighborhoods found in Castro Valley are Five Canyons, Palomares Hills, Briar Ridge and Jensen Road, among others.


Dublin neighborhoods

Carrying the same name as the Irish city, Dublin is a suburban area located in Alameda County, California. With the bustle of a big city, as well as the relaxed atmosphere of a small town, Dublin has the best of both worlds. The neighborhoods found in Dublin are Positano, Jordan Ranch, Sorrento and Boulevard , among others.


fremont neighborhoods


Fremont is the metropolitan landscape of any city lover’s dream. Its location is easily accessible to shopping areas, renowned schools and universities, and cultural events. The neighborhoods found

in Fremont are Glenmoor Gardens, Irvington, Baylands, Niles and Mission Valley.


Newark neighborhoods

Located in Almeda County, Newark is a lively area for anyone who enjoys spending time outdoors and participating in community activities. Its abundance in outdoor recreation makes Newark a great place for families. The neighborhoods found in Newark are City Center and Jarvis Landing, among others.


Pleasanton neighborhoods


Pleasanton is a city situated in Alameda County. The community is known for its inclusivity, safety and range of activity opportunities. Pleasanton is perfect for families, as local schools here are highly rated. The neighborhoods found in Pleasanton are Del Prado, Vintage Hills and Pheasant Ridge, among others.

Union City

Union City neighborhoods

Another location in Alameda County, Union City offers a wide range of activities for residents and tourists alike. The community is lively, and has many opportunities for fun. The neighborhoods found in Union City are Benson Rd / Veasy St, Decoto Rd / Alvarado Niles Rd and Begonia St / Clover St, among others.


We serve all of these areas and neighborhoods with complete professionalism and loyalty to our clients. Our services and resources will elevate your rental business and increase your investment returns.

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