Commercial Property Management in East Bay, CA

Are you looking to hire a commercial property manager in East Bay, CA? If you are, then look no further!

East Bay Property Management and Consulting is here to provide excellent property management services, making it easy for commercial property owners to rest easy when it comes to marketing, applicant screening, property maintenance, rent collection and financial reporting.

Located in Fremont, California, we successfully manage over 400 properties. We specialize in handling commercial and residential properties alike. We have over 3 decades of property management experience in the East Bay area.

Why Choose East Bay Property Management and Consulting?

When you work with East Bay Property Management and Consulting, we offer several guarantees to ensure a low-risk environment while maximizing your benefits.

Enjoy these protective guarantees when you partner with our team:

At East Bay Property Management and Consulting, your property is our priority!

Call us now at (510) 996 3238 to enjoy the stress-free rewards of working with a professional and experienced team. We offer exceedingly great value when it comes to your East Bay commercial property.

Our Commercial Property Management Services

  • Completing Lease Paperwork

A commercial property requires a comprehensive lease. East Bay Property Management and Consulting will ensure that specific terms and conditions are undertaken. We also make sure that important clauses are properly highlighted.

A tight lease will tackle the marketing, promotional activities, and repair/maintenance of the commercial property. It will also discuss subleasing, breaches and termination conditions. Additionally, renovations, security bonds and insurance will be included. We guarantee reliability in lease paperwork completion. Compared to the common residential properties, a commercial property’s paperwork is more detailed and can be more complicated. However, East Bay Property Management and Consulting is up to the task, and knows the proper items to include.

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finding good rental tenants
  • Showing the Commercial Property to Prospective Tenants

Commercial properties need a fresh and unique approach when it comes to attracting prospective renters. East Bay Property Management and Consulting taps into local businesses to expand our tenant reach. As experts in the area, we are familiar with the community and business needs. Our advertising uses the correct marketing channels.

We take the time to understand our target audience thoroughly. This involves market research, looking at the network of suppliers and vendors and conducting surveys. We check for referrals and make ourselves available for scheduled property showings. We’re prompt in responding to inquiries over the phone, by email and in person.

  • Collecting Rent Payments

    Commercial properties must have a strong rent collection system to generate profit for the owner. East Bay Property Management and Consulting has an on-time payment guarantee to shield our clients from delayed payments.

    We also have reliable payment channels, making it smooth and easy for tenants to pay. In addition, we have an eviction guarantee for our clients’ peace of mind. We serve the proper notices as soon as it’s needed to protect our clients from experiencing income loss.

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  • Ensuring Facilities Meet State Safety Codes

A commercial property demands a huge time investment when it comes to property repair and maintenance. At East Bay Property Management and Consulting, we guarantee adherence to the California safety codes. We prioritize safety at all times and at all levels.

All the properties we manage adhere to fire codes, occupational safety regulations and electrical requirements. We conduct a safety audit and perform regular inspections.

  • Resolving Conflicts

Managing a commercial property can be rife with conflicts due to having multiple tenants. Our team at East Bay Property Management and Consulting is skilled at resolving conflict. We always work on negotiating for settlement or mediation.

We want to prevent disputes from escalating and creating losses for both the property owner and tenant. A large part of this is making the leases as clear as possible to prevent confusion.

tenants have the right to privacy

Why Hire Us?

It’s tough to self-manage a commercial property; East Bay Property Management and Consulting’s professional team will help you handle the numerous responsibilities. We are experienced, skilled and knowledgeable, and have a good mix of competencies to properly manage your commercial property.

In addition, we are well versed in landlord-tenant laws and can protect you from possible lawsuits, especially when it comes to taking care of massive properties like a commercial building.

We have licensed contractors and experts working for us. This means professionals will be overseeing your property. Try our management style and see for yourself!

Areas We Serve

Some of the areas we offer our property management services in include Castro Valley, Livermore, Milpitas, Newark, Pleasanton, Union City, and many others.