Guide to Neighborhoods in Fremont, CA

Fremont sits in the sweet spot between city conveniences and a small tight community. It’s near both San Francisco and Silicon Valley, where businesses continue to thrive. If you’re living in Fremont, ready access to both these big cities keeps boredom at bay. What’s more, you can also enjoy the local culture in Fremont and a high-quality sense of living.

Living Costs

Fremont has an above-average cost of living. This means you need to have enough financial reserves to purchase a new property. The median price of a property purchase is $450K.

For renters, you need to prepare around $1,200 for a rental fee if you plan to stay in a single room apartment. A family that requires 2-3 bedrooms of comfortable space will need to shell out $3,500.


In Fremont, you can readily access freeways when commuting via car. However, if you choose to take public transportation, good options are available. You can take the subway or the Altamont Commuter Express to get from one place to another.


For new residents, you’ll be reassured to know that Fremont has a low unemployment rate. You can gain rewarding careers in the education, local government and healthcare sectors.


The schools in Fremont are some of the finest, with several to choose from at all school levels. There are several elementary, junior, high school, community colleges and universities that are very accessible.


Mild climate encompasses Fremont, making it a good deal for those who are sensitive to extreme temperatures. Snowfall is non-existent, and heat is manageable even during the height of summer.


In Fremont, residents take advantage of outdoor activities at the parks. Areas for sports such as soccer, tennis and golf are available. Locals hold annual events and festivals to look forward to.

For art lovers, there are many galleries to explore. Meanwhile, foodies will surely enjoy the restaurant scene in Fremont, with its diverse cuisines to sample.


If you’re planning to move to Fremont, here are great neighborhoods to check out:

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1. Glenmoor Gardens

Property prices: $1.29M+

Rental prices: $1,850 – $3,950

Distance to Downtown San Francisco: 55 minutes

A historic neighborhood that goes back to the 1950s, Glenmoor Gardens is comprised of ranch-style homes with huge backyard lots. Families find it attractive since there are also established schools nearby. This early, master-planned community also has its own parks and shops.

The properties in Glenmoor Gardens are mostly single-family homes, condos, apartments and townhomes. Residents enjoy their amenities. They have tennis courts, playgrounds, a swimming pool and a community center.

Amenities in Glenmoor Gardens:

  • Glenmoor Elementary School
  • Maloney Elementary School
  • Centerville Junior High School
  • Washington High School
  • Meyer Park
  • Central Park
  • Country Way
  • Black Bear Diner
  • Khorasan Market

2. Irvington

Property prices: $575K to $1.37M

Rental prices: $2,000 – $4,000

Distance to Downtown San Francisco: 61 minutes

Irvington neighborhood is a safe, friendly environment for those looking to raise a family. Several schools are accessible, as well as a multitude of recreational areas. The transportation options are abundant, although most residents have their own cars. Aside from that, a range of dining options is available within walking distance.

Most properties found in the Irvington district are medium-sized family homes that are designed to have 3 or more bedrooms. Apartment complexes and high-rise ones can also be found here. The structures date back to as late as the 1940s to as recent as the 1990s.

Amenities in Irvington:

  • Grimmer Elementary School
  • Durham Elementary School
  • Walters Junior High School
  • Irvington High School
  • Starstruck Theatre
  • Roamer’s Cocktail Lounge
  • Mirchi Café and Masala Pizza
  • Hopping Beans Café
  • Myanmar Tea Garden
  • The Spare Room
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3. Baylands

Property prices: $1.25M+

Rental prices: $2,400 – $4,000

Distance to Downtown San Francisco: 59 minutes

The Baylands neighborhood has a high livability score. Families choose to live here for its general safeness. The crime rate is lower than the average in California. The schools are also ranked high.

In terms of amenities, Baylands, a commercial hub, has excellent facilities, such as business parks. The majority of its residents are employed in the computer science and math industries, followed by management occupations and the business industry. Most are working in private firms.

Amenities in Baylands:

  • James Leitch Elementary School
  • Warm Springs Elementary School
  • John M Horner Junior High School
  • John F Kennedy High School
  • Sno-Crave Tea House
  • Dish N Dash
  • Bob Sang Korean BBQ
  • Soo Ja Fusion Bistro
  • Costco
  • Blaze Fast – Fire’d Pizza

4. Niles

Property prices: $379K to $2M

Rental prices: $1,900 to $3,800

Distance to Downtown San Francisco: 68 minutes

Niles is a quaint community with traditional antique stores that line the streets. Events are frequently planned, such as car shows and garden tours. The neighborhood exudes a tranquil atmosphere. It’s also a pedestrian-friendly area, where restaurants are easy to walk to.

The heart of Niles District is the Niles Town Plaza, where one can see a depot building, an amphitheater and a water feature.

Amenities in Niles:

  • Niles Elementary School
  • Parkmont Elementary School
  • Centerville Junior High
  • Washington High School
  • Skillet’z Café
  • Mr. Mikey’s Country Store
  • Papillon
  • Devout Coffee
  • Bronco Billy’s Pizza Palace
  • The Nile Cafe
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5. Mission Valley

Property prices: $840K to $2.89M

Rental prices: $1,800 to $4,600

Distance to Downtown San Francisco: 58 minutes

Mission Valley is perfect for families raising kids. The schools have excellent reputations and are easily accessible. Its proximity to Silicon Valley makes it attractive to live in for those who are employed there. The community is also welcoming and vibrant, holding various events in the neighborhood, such as potlucks and pool parties.

Properties available in Mission Valley are single-family homes, condos and townhomes.

Amenities in Mission Valley:

  • Mission Valley Elementary School
  • Joshua Chadbourne Elementary School
  • William Hopkins Junior High School
  • Mission San Jose High School
  • Mission Ranch Shopping
  • Yuki Japanese Restaurant
  • Osumo Poke
  • Tapioca Express
  • Mission San Jose Park
  • Mission Peak Regional Preserve