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Owner’s On Time Rent Payment Guarantee

We realize that you as an owner want your rent as soon as possible each and every month. That is why we at EBPMare sticklers about collecting it on time and quickly turning it around to you. So much so, we offer our On Time Rent Guarantee…



We guarantee that the owner’s payment will arrive in their bank account by the 12th of the month. If not, our services for that month are free.

Here is the typical system flow when it comes to your monthly payment or “draw”:

  • Tenant pays by the 1st or 2nd. With weekends and holidays, it could be as late as the 4th
  • When tenant pays electronically or by check, payment requires 2-3 days to “settle” (or clear)
  • Once settled, payment is immediately forwarded to the owner less our fee and any maintenance that has taken place the previous month
  • This typically hits the owner’s account between the 7th and the 10th of each month

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