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How to Avoid Water Damage in Your Rental Property

In the United States of America, about 4 in every 10 homeowners will experience some form of water damage in their lifetime. And from burst pipes and leaky roofs to serious rainstorms and hurricanes, it comes in different forms. The good news, though, is that most water damage is preventable. What are the Common Causes [...]

2022-04-28T08:18:06-07:00April 28th, 2022|

Tax Season Tips for Landlords

It’s tax time! Just like everyone else, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) requires you to file your tax returns. Besides rent, the IRS requires information on security deposits, late rent fees, and other charges such as those levied at a tenant for canceling their lease. Whether you’re just starting out or are a seasoned landlord, [...]

2022-04-27T12:51:00-07:00April 27th, 2022|

Tips to Find Great Tenants for Your Rental Property

As a landlord, your main concern should be to land great tenants that will be around for the long-term. It’s no secret that having loyal renters protects your finances and can even grow your financial wealth. Great tenants won’t cause you stress when staying in your rental. They’ll pay the rent on time, take care [...]

2022-03-30T11:53:49-07:00March 30th, 2022|