Want to Manage Your Own Property? Think Nothing Will Go Wrong? Not So Fast…

There’s no alternative way to say this: Property management is a laborious, full-time job. It’s not for the weak. The reality is, most rental property homeowners play it safe and use a property management company. There are some, however, who insist on striking out on their own. Let us tell you — and pay serious attention — there's a lot of work, effort, and sweat goes into managing your own property. Therefore, [...]

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What East Bay Renters Want in a Home

Home – be it a single family house or an apartment – is where the heart is. At East Bay Property Management, we strive to make sure all our tenants are happy and content. Not only that, we know that both renters and owners are interested in a good deal. We know that the longer [...]

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10 Safety Tips to Ensure Your Holiday Decorations Don’t Go Up in Smoke

The holidays are a special time here in the East Bay area. The Christmas trees are up, the menorahs are out, and the wreaths are hung. And we can't forget those wonderful twinkle lights that adorn mantles and windows! But as we deck the halls with festive displays this season, it's important for property owners AND [...]

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