Guide to the Neighborhoods in Castro Valley CA

Castro Valley is a census-designated place in California with close proximity to San Francisco and Oakland. Residents of Castro Valley love this area’s laidback nature. They also appreciate the numerous amenities in the area, including nearby parks, schools, shopping centers, restaurants, and cafes. Largely a white-collar area, the bulk of the population in Castro Valley is made up of professionals working in sales, management, and administrative support.

Castro Valley has prime real estate value. Property prices here are deemed one of the most expensive in California. Property value continues to appreciate, however, making it a worthwhile investment. In terms of location, Castro Valley is appealing because it is close to the downtown Village Shopping Center and Lake Chabot Park. Castro Valley residents enjoy numerous shopping, entertainment, and outdoor recreation options. 

Alongside it’s quiet ambiance and proximity to the nearby major cities, Castro Valley also provides residents with canyon and bay views. If you’re thinking of moving here or investing in real estate here, you should check out the following neighborhoods:

1. Five Canyons

Five Canyons is the best neighborhood for those who want a nearby recreation center with a lot of amenities. The recreation center has pools, a Jacuzzi, basketball and tennis courts, and a playground your kids will love.

There is a wide variety of housing options, including recently constructed condominiums and single-family homes. Five Canyons has an exclusive feel, with 300 acres of open spaces and a stretch of walking trails. There is plenty of entry and exit points into the neighborhood which helps to ease up traffic. 

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2. Palomares Hills

With quality homes built between the mid-80s and the late 90s, Palomares Hills is an attractive neighborhood. Similar to Five Canyons, residents have access to a recreation center that comes with a pool, Jacuzzi, baseball fields, tennis courts, basketball courts, and a playground. There’s also a park in the neighborhood where you can hang out and grill on the weekends and holidays.

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, you’ll enjoy the trails that Palomares Hills has. There is a high level of community engagement here and a lot of social groups and events in the neighborhood. There is also a top school nearby called Jensen Ranch School, for families with kids to enjoy.

3. Briar Ridge

The Briar Ridge neighborhood stands out with a refreshing mountain vibe. The neighborhood has a relaxed and laidback atmosphere with beautiful views and well-maintained properties. Briar Ridge features single-family homes as well as 2-3 bedroom townhomes with enclosed garages. The downside of Briar Ridge is that there are fewer amenities than other neighborhoods.

4. Jensen Road 

If you want a customized home then Jensen Road is the best neighborhood for you. The properties have large lots and incredible canyon and bay views depending on your location. Similar to Briar Ridge, this neighborhood doesn’t offer a recreation center or amenities. 

The Jensen Road neighborhood has narrow roads and tends to have a more rural feel compared to other neighborhoods in Castro Valley. The styles and architecture of homes here are non-standard and non-uniform, so they appeal to a variety of different people. 

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5. Green Ridge

Similar to Briar Ridge, Green Ridge has single-family, Eichler homes. Eichler homes are built with an emphasis on modern design. They feature open concepts, contemporary vibes, floor to ceiling windows, concrete slab floors, and large airy rooms. With large-sized lots, the Green Ridge neighborhood is striking. The neighborhood also has a spectacular view and a lot of green space. 

6. Columbia 

The Columbia neighborhood features a combination of well-kept amenities and parks. It offers open spaces, ridge views, bay views, and a network of walking trails. The houses here were built back in the 1970s and typically have 3-5 bedrooms. In Columbia, all the homes are single and detached, in contrast to Five Canyons and Palomares Hills. 

If you appreciate having nearby amenities then you’ll love the kiddie pools, Jacuzzi, and basketball court available here. Cull Canyon Park is also in the neighborhood, which includes beach access. This is why Columbia neighborhood property prices can be more expensive than other neighborhoods in Castro Valley. 


All of the neighborhoods in Castro Valley have a lot of appeal in their own way. It just depends on what kind of home you’re looking for and what you want to prioritize. Once you have a clear idea of what you value it’ll be a lot easier to pick the property that’s right for you.