How to cancel services with another property manager

Part of the responsibility of being a rental property owner is to sometimes part ways with a property manager that is not meeting expectations. Agreements between owners and property managers come in three varieties.

  • Simply giving 30 day notice without penalty (this is ours). We are the only East Bay property managers who offer this to all owners.
  • Year to year, often with a penalty for terminating before the year is up. This agreement has always seemed unfair to us.
  • A management agreement where the length is tied to the length of the tenant lease. Totally unfair and ridiculous.

Our feeling is that no reputable property management company should compel an owner to continue with their services should the owner desire to part ways.

Do not be forced into staying with the management company if they are not performing for you. Simply put your request to cancel in writing and be firm. It’s your property, you have paid them well in the past, but you want to move on. Here is a sample letter:

Dear ABC Property Management,

I would like to end our agreement with your company in regard to the management of my property effective in 30 days. Please provide in the coming weeks these items:

  • All lease documents
  • Tenant application and contact information
  • Current owner statements
  • Any and all keys and remotes to the home

Thank you,

Your name

For further questions regarding cancelling with your current property manager, call Mike at 510-996-5995