Guide to Neighborhoods in East Bay California

East Bay, California is a highly urbanized area, though it has hills and several parks. A lot of people choose to reside here as it has great infrastructure and operates a major transportation hub. It also has the largest port in the north side of the state. Headquarters of prestigious companies such as Pixar, Safeway and Chevron are located here. Aside from that, East Bay is also home to both popular sports teams and famous musical acts. Naturally, there are multiple entertainment venues that can be found here.

When it comes to quality education, East Bay California has top-caliber schools readily available to its residents. There’s never a dull moment since the East Bay area has a myriad of entertainment options. Outdoor enthusiasts will love the parks and recreational avenues. Dining choices are also abundant here.

East Bay offers a vast array of choices when it comes to rental properties. There are options for every budget in this sprawling region. If you’re curious and planning to relocate here, East Bay Property Management and Consulting has gathered this list of the area’s different neighborhoods to help you.

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Neighborhoods in East Bay Area California

1. Castro Valley

As one of the largest communities in California, Castro Valley has expensive real estate properties. Most of its workforce is employed in white-collar jobs such as managers and office workers.

Castro Valley is an ideal place to raise children, since the population is family-oriented and the community is tight. There are special events largely catering to families. Apart from that, quality education is available, an important factor parents consider when settling in a particular area. Another great thing about Castro Valley is its low rate of crime compared to the national average.

2. Dublin

Another large California community is Dublin. It showcases progressive housing growth. Compared to Castro Valley, the properties are not as expensive. They’re still high compared to the rest of the country, however, as are most East Bay California cities.

Another white-collar town, Dublin has about 92% of its residents working as managers and office workers. Most of them used the local public transit when commuting to work, thus reducing traffic.

Like Castro Valley, Dublin is also considered ethnically diverse.

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3. Livermore

Housing costs in Livermore are among some of the highest in the nation, although real estate prices here don’t compare to real estate prices in the most expensive communities in California. Most residents work in white-collar and blue-collar sectors.

People also commute to work using the public transport. Livermore is categorized as well-educated with most residents earning a Bachelor’s degree at the minimum.

4. Milpitas

Milpitas is also a large community in the East Bay. Its demographic is largely made up of young professionals. If you’re career-driven and looking to integrate more networking opportunities with your peers, Milpitas is a worthwhile place to consider.

Apart from that, Milpitas is also composed of highly-educated residents and families. It’s ethnically diverse, with many Asians and Hispanic members in the community.

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5. Newark

Newark has a slightly smaller population size and is considered a medium-sized community. Its properties are also quite expensive. Residents are a mixture of white and blue-collar workers, with a majority concentrated in sales jobs.

The city’s proximity to bodies of water lends it a seaside vibe, attracting plenty of tourists and locals to enjoy its waterfront scenes and activities. Public transport is commonly used for residents to commute to work. This leads to minimal traffic congestion.

In terms of diversity, Newark hosts a variety of residents belonging to multiple ethnicities and races. Its demographics include Asians, German, Italian, English, Irish and Portuguese residents.

6. Pleasanton

Pleasanton is an ideal place to raise children, with more families living here strengthening social ties even more. There’s a great public school system and a significant number of college-educated residents. Crime rate is also low, making it an attractive area to live in.

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7. Union City

Union City is labeled as a medium-sized community. A balanced white-collar and blue-collar population exists here. Union City is an ideal place for young professionals and entrepreneurs.

Commute can be long here, taking more than a half hour to reach your most workplaces. The local public transport system is a popular option for residents to get to their jobs. Most residents in Union City are deemed as well-educated with a Bachelor’s degree or higher.