Does contracting you mean losing control of my property?

Of course not! At East Bay Property Management and Consulting, we appreciate how valuable your property is. That’s why we’ll always involve you in all significant decisions concerning the property.


Why can’t I just manage the property myself?

This is a good question that many new landlords often ask.

Certainly, you can. However, property management involves more than just collecting rent. Among other skills, you should know how to market the property, fairly screen prospective applicants, understand landlord-tenant laws, and know how to evict a tenant if it becomes necessary.

Without experience, managing all the moving parts involved in property management can be daunting. And that’s where we come in. We have the expertise to handle your property management needs reliably and professionally.


How much are your property management fees?

We don’t have hidden costs and our fees are priced reasonably. While most of our competitors charge an average of 10%, ours is just 7.9% of the gross monthly rental assets and is tax-deductible. It gets even better if you own a two-four unit building- only 5.9%.


How do you determine rent?

Once you choose us to manage your property, we’ll first visit the rental to take a look at amenities, upgrades, and such. Next, we’ll perform a comparative market analysis. Last, we settle with a competitive rate that will not only maximize profits but also ensure the rental gets filled quickly.


How do you market a vacant rental?

We have proven advertising strategies to get a tenant in the shortest time possible. In fact, we’re so confident in these strategies that we offer our clients a 21 Day Rental Guarantee.

With this, we promise to find a tenant for the rental within three weeks or else we waive the management fees.

Once you turn over the administration of the property over to us, we’ll take eye-catching photos and videos. Next, our marketing experts will design an attractive rental ad.

Finally, we’ll begin cataloging it on top rental listing sites we have handpicked for their targeted traffic and high conversion rates.


How do you screen potential tenants?

Our eviction rates are some of the lowest in the industry. And that’s because we only rent to suitable occupants. That is, tenants who pay on time, care for our clients’ properties, cause fewer issues, and rent long-term. 

And how do we get such caliber of tenants? By subjecting every applicant to a methodical screening process.

Our screening process looks at matters such as the prospective tenant’s income, credit rating, and criminal, rental and employment history.

It’s only after a candidate has passed this assessment that they can rent any of the properties we manage.


When is the rent due and when can I expect to get remunerated?

Rent is due on the 1st, and becomes late after the 2nd of every month.

If everything goes smoothly in regard to rent payments, expect to have the funds by the 10th of every month. That is the monthly rent, less the property management fee.


What happens if a tenant refuses to pay rent?

Payment is a vital part of any rental investment. At East Bay Property Management and Consulting, we take all lease violations, especially rent-related matters, very seriously. The first thing we’ll do is send the tenant a rent-default notice.

The notice basically tells the occupant that he or she has a set number of days to either pay the rent or move out. In most cases, residents settle the issue without the need to go any further. But for the few that don’t, the next step is to file an unlawful detainer lawsuit in the appropriate court.

Our team is knowledgeable about the eviction process and will make sure to handle your case effectively and professionally.


How do you handle repairs and maintenance?

At East Bay Property Management and Consulting, we recognize how important it is to maintain a rental. Not only is providing a well-maintained property required by law, but it’s also necessary to minimize tenant turnover.

Consequently, how do we handle property repairs and maintenance, you ask? We have a trusted team of qualified contractors and vendors. They have all been handpicked for their high reliability and level of professionalism.


Should I allow pets into my rental?

While the decision is yours, we strongly advise you do. Allowing pets into the property has many benefits. You get to enjoy:

  • A bigger tenant pool. Studies have shown that Americans are a nation of pet lovers.
  • Higher rents. Allowing pets will make the unit more desirable to potential tenants with animals. This will allow you to charge more for rent.
  • An extra safety-net. You even have the option to add a pet deposit fee to help further safeguard your unit.
  • Long-term tenancy. The leaseholder may stay longer in your property, as they may not have many options.
  • A good relationship with the resident.


Is your contract flexible?

Yes, our agreement is accommodating. We don’t tie down our clients with inescapable contracts that have been complicated with jargon. As a matter of fact, we work with landlords on a month to month basis. Unlike most other property management companies that will lock you in for an entire year.