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Are you looking for a property manager for your apartment unit in East Bay, CA? If so, you’ve come to the right place!

East Bay Property Management and Consulting provides quality services to support you and your property. Our range in property management services is vast and includes applicant screening, property repairs and maintenance, rent collection and finance tracking.

We specialize in managing apartment, commercial and multi-family properties throughout the East Bay area, with over 400 properties managed by our team. With many years of property management experience, we can guarantee excellent services.

Why Choose East Bay Property Management and Consulting?

Our team makes sure you receive the highest benefits every step of the way. We will consistently provide protective guarantees throughout the process.

If you are interested in partnering with us, give us a call at (510) 996-3238

With our experience and expertise, our team will go above and beyond in providing exceptional property management services, while you reap the rewards.

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  • Marketing Your East Bay Apartment

Before beginning the process of marketing your rental unit, we conduct a detailed examination of similar properties in your neighborhood. This allows us to determine what we can modify in your property. Afterward, we come to a conclusive rental price that fits for your rental apartment.

With the use of professional, high-quality photography equipment and software, we capture gorgeous photographs, putting your property in the limelight. To ensure more interested viewers, we post our advertisements on public domains, such as Craigslist, M.L.S., Zillow, Trulia and our own website.

  • Tenant Screening Process

Choosing the right tenants is one of the most important factors in owning a successful rental property. Our team knows the value of having quality residents in your East Bay apartment and makes sure to thoroughly screen each prospective tenant.

We check their rental history, credit score and criminal background. Each of these points reveal a tenant’s likelihood of lacking a sense of accountability and causing problems regarding other tenants and your property.

  • Rent Collection

We enforce the emphasis on your tenants paying rent on time. There are simple guidelines to follow in adhering to payment dates. If a tenant is late, we communicate the situation to them and understand their side. 

There is the possibility of issues regarding late payments coming into play. Our Eviction Guarantee will protect you. East Bay Property Management and Consulting is well versed in the legal processes of property management. We are prepared for all types of circumstances.

  • Repairs & Maintenance

Our team understands the safety and health laws of the East Bay area that allow for your property to flourish. We are determined to gather long-term tenants for your rental apartment.

Sometimes properties suffer from damages and require repair. We work with professional contractors and vendors who are available 24/7. They’ll ensure your property continues to stay habitable and safe for your residents. Moreover, you’ll have discounts on these repair and maintenance services. Finally, to stay on top of any hidden damages and relieve you of any worries, we conduct an annual property inspection.

  • Financial Reporting

We will help organize your financial records to make sure information is never scattered and misplaced, especially if you own multiple investments. On the online Owners Portal, you can find your monthly statements and monitor different expenses related to each property, as well as the income generated for those properties. You can also find 1099 forms and year-end statements provided on our website portal.

Our Property Management Guarantees

East Bay Property Management and Consulting established a list of guarantees for our clients to show our dedication to your property and its long-term success. While ensuring a low-risk environment, we aim to make property management a stress-free process.

21-Day Rental Guarantee

We have a 21-day rental guarantee, which means we are responsible for conducting the search for quality tenants and filling your vacancies as soon as possible. Your management fees for the first two months with us will be completely suspended if we fail to accomplish this task.

On-Time Rent Guarantee

Our on-time rent guarantee ensures you are generating income on the 12th of every month based on rent collections. Making sure that you are receiving these payments is one of our top priorities.

If an eviction is needed, we’ll proceed with this and protect you legally and financially. To this day, our team has outstandingly managed East Bay properties and has never had to conduct an eviction. We hope to keep it this way!

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Pet Guarantee

With the pet guarantee we offer, any damages by pre-approved pets, whose repairs cost upwards $3,000 beyond the initial security deposit amount, will be compensated.

Month-to-Month Management Guarantee

We don’t want you to feel trapped with us and forced to stay in a long-term commitment. Our month-to-month management guarantee lets you know that you are free to decide when you no longer require our property management services.

Give us a call today at (510) 996-3229 to start a free rental analysis for your apartment unit in East Bay, California. We will work with you to form a personalized service plan that will fit with what you’re seeking.

Areas We Serve

Some of the areas we offer our property management services in include Castro Valley, Livermore, Milpitas, Newark, Pleasanton, Dublin, Union City, and many others.