Multifamily Property Management

Are you looking for a manager for your multifamily property in California? East Bay Property Management and Consulting is the solution to your property’s needs. We help with tenant placement, property maintenance, financial accounting, and more.

We specialize in the management of multi-family properties throughout Alameda County. We’re based in Fremont and our focus is in the East Bay area. We serve the areas of Fremont, Union City, Milpitas, Castro Valley, and Newark, Livermore, and Dublin.

Why Choose East Bay Property Management and Consulting? 

We differentiate ourselves from our market competitors with our 5 property management guarantees. We offer these to our clients:

  1. On-time rent guarantee
  2. 21-day rental guarantee
  3. $2000 eviction guarantee
  4. Pet guarantee
  5. Month-to-month management guarantee

East Bay Property Management and Consulting will add value to your investment portfolio using our services. Your property is our priority. Give us a call at (510) 996-3238 to start working with us today!

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Our Multifamily Property Management Services

East Bay Property Management and Consulting provides a multitude of valuable services for your multifamily property. We offer you flexibility and quality service when you hire us to manage your multifamily unit.

  • Marketing Your East Bay Rental Property

To successfully market your property, we both pre-market and advertise it. We begin with a thorough rental analysis of the properties in your neighborhood. Looking at properties with similar features to yours helps us determine if yours needs improvements. Following improvement projects, we determine the optimal rental price of your multi-family property.

Next, we advertise your property. Taking advantage of modern photography equipment and high-tech software, we enhance the images of your property. Our goal is to get maximum exposure on popular rental listing sites. We place advertisements on Craigslist, M.L.S., Zillow, Trulia, our own website, and much more.

  • Tenant Screening Process

We are careful in selecting tenants for your East Bay rental units. We check each tenant’s background extensively, looking at their rental history and credit score. These offer us insights into a tenant’s sense of accountability. We also check their criminal history to prevent future problems with other tenants and protect your property.

  • Rent Collection

When managing your rental units, we strictly enforce the lease policies. Rent payments are always due on the 1st of the month. They are considered late after the 5th of the month. If a tenant fails to pay, we follow up with the tenant to fix the situation.

If problems arise because of late payments and notices, our Eviction Guarantee will protect you. We are well versed in legal matters and have contingency plans for every situation.

  • Property Repairs & Maintenance

East Bay Property Management and Consulting abides by the law when it comes to the safety and habitability of your property. It’s our primary objective to find and keep long-term tenants for you.

If your property is damaged and requires repair, we have a professional team on hand. Made up of licensed contractors and qualified vendors, they’ll help to maintain the appearance and safety of your property. You’ll have access to discounts on all these services. We also conduct an annual property inspection to ensure your property is in the best condition.

  • Detailed Financial Reporting

Even if you have multiple investments, we can help keep your financial records intact and organized. You can view all your monthly statements using your online Owners Portal. There you can also monitor your maintenance expenses and income generated for each of your properties. We also make 1099 forms and year-end statements available for you online. 

Our Property Management Guarantees 

East Bay Property Management and Consulting is intent on creating a minimum risk environment for you as our client. We created our 5 guarantees with the intent of lowering the stress and risk you face in owning an investment property. 

21-Day Rental Guarantee

Our 21-day rental guarantee shifts the responsibility of finding tenants and filling your vacancies over to us. If we fail to do this, we’ll waive your management fees for the first 2 months you work with us!

On-Time Rent Guarantee

We also offer an on-time rent guarantee. This is to ensure you have consistent income on the 12th of every month. This guarantee is crucial for you to make ends meet in your own life and we take it very seriously. 

If an eviction is needed, we’ll support you legally and financially. We should note, however, that East Bay Property Management and Consulting manages our properties so well that we’ve never had to navigate the eviction process yet. We want to keep this clean track record going! 

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Pet Guarantee 

We also offer you a pet guarantee. If there are any damages caused to your property by approved pets, we will cover the repair costs up to $3,000 beyond the initial security deposit amount. We want to make sure your property is in the best quality at all times!

Month-to-Month Management Guarantee 

Lastly, our month-to-month management guarantee offers you the freedom from being locked into year-long commitments. We want to deliver excellence to you and not chain you to our services if your needs change. 

Give us a call today at (510) 996-3229 to start a free rental analysis for your multi-family properties in California. We will design a custom service plan for you that will fit your unique property needs.