Are you looking to buy an investment property in East Bay, California?

East Bay Property Management and Consulting can help! We have the expertise and experience to help you buy the right investment that ensures maximum returns. As a company, we have done it for countless investors, and we can do it for you too.

We have over 30 years of combined experience working in the East Bay real estate market. And we can put this experience to work for you.

Investing in rental property can be a financially rewarding experience. You may be able to earn a consistent passive monthly income, and create wealth through equity and appreciation in homes values.

Why Invest in East Bay Real Estate?

Long dominated by San Francisco, the Bay Area’s hot housing market has now moved east. For a savvy investor like yourself, the East Bay real estate market presents a huge investment opportunity.

One factor driving up rental demand in the region is rising population numbers. People continue to migrate to the suburbs from the metros. This exodus is driven by factors such as good schools, and availability of homes for sale and rent.

Another factor that is driving up East Bay real estate is the job market. The job market is growing steadily as more and more employers continue setting up base in the region. Blue Shield, Oracle, and Pandora Media are some of the most recent high-profile employers that have moved to the area.

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East Bay is also becoming an alternative to San Francisco. Sure, the city of San Francisco has few equals when it comes to world-class city status. However, its real estate can be a tough business. Investors looking to maximize their real estate investment dollars are finding East Bay to be an ideal alternative.

How East Bay Property Management and Consulting Can Help

East Bay Property Management and Consulting is one of the leading property management companies in the area. Property owners in East Bay trust us with the management of their properties due to our experience and expertise.

We work closely with trusted, professional real estate agents in our community. If you come to us seeking help in buying an investment property, we’ll be glad to refer these agents to you.

At East Bay Property Management and Consulting, we are proud to provide clients with a comprehensive team effort in successfully acquiring the right rental investment. We’ll work hard to ensure the entire buying process is as seamless as possible.

Here’s exactly what you can expect by hiring us:

1. Due Diligence

Thanks to years of experience, East Bay Property Management and Consulting has come up with vital resources geared towards helping our clients make the right investment moves. By working with us, you’ll be able to understand property taxes, potential property appreciation, and vacancy rates.

Our agents will also be able to match you with the exact investment type you’re after.

2. Meet your Goals

East Bay Property Management and Consulting understands that every investor has their own unique set of goals. When you come to us for help, the first thing we’ll do is understand what exactly you’re after.

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Next, we’ll craft a detailed plan on how to meet those goals. This would essentially result in consulting on things like geographic rent desirability and rent range estimates.

3. No Down Time

Once the buying process is over, our aim would then be to get you to cash flow positive as quickly as possible. As seasoned property managers, we understand that every day your property sits vacant, it’s losing money.

We’ll arrange for transfer of utilities to us, place a lockbox on the property, acquire keys, and conduct a rent analysis, among other things. Should the property require some repairs, we’ll advise you on that front as well.

Our Property Management Services

Besides helping you buy the right rental property, East Bay Property Management and Consulting can also help you manage it. Property management in the East Bay area is the core of our business model.

Being a landlord can be a nerve-wracking experience, especially if you lack that experience. You see, being a landlord requires you to have a certain skill set. Among other things, you should be able to know how to market vacant rentals, screen prospects, and maintain the unit.

What’s more, you’ll also need to understand California landlord-tenant laws. These are many and these keep changing every now and then.

It’s for such reasons that savvy property owners turn to professionals for help. East Bay Property Management and Consulting has an experienced team of property managers that can help you in every regard. From marketing your vacant rentals to screening tenants to maintaining your units to evicting difficult tenants, you won’t have to worry about a thing.

Property Marketing

Vacancies are every landlord’s worst nightmare. East Bay Property Management and Consulting uses a variety of marketing strategies, from online to offline, to fill vacant rentals.

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In fact, we promise to rent out your home in just a span of 21 days.

Tenant Screening

We only rent to high quality tenants. That is, those that will pay rent on time, care for your unit and rent long-term. Our screening process verifies tenants’ credit ratings, income levels and rental background, among other things.

Property Maintenance

We’ll care for your East Bay property like we would our own. Thanks to years of experience in managing rentals, we’ve been able to create professional relationships with leading handymen and vendors. These are the professionals we turn to when maintenance issues crop up.

Rent Collection

With East Bay Property Management and Consulting on your side, you’ll never have to worry about missed or late payments. We know that you, as an owner, want your rent as soon as possible each month. As such, we’ll work hard to ensure you get paid on a consistent basis. Our aim is to ensure your rental income hits your bank account anywhere between the 7th and 10th of every month.

Ready to work with a property management that cares for your wellbeing? Of course you do! Call us now at 510.894.1753.

Areas we Service

We service the areas of Alameda County, Castro Valley, Dublin, Fremont, Livermore, Milpitas, Newark, Pleasanton, and Union County.