Investing in an East Bay rental property means generating regular earnings. As a landlord, you want to find high-quality tenants quickly. An empty rental provides zero return on investment. This is where marketing becomes a crucial factor.

You can buy the best property available, but if your advertising falls flat, it’ll be hard to find prospective tenants who wish to live in it. To attract many good tenants, a clear marketing plan is needed.

A great advertising campaign ensures the visibility of your East Bay rental home. It sends a large pool of potential tenants your way. The more prospects you gain, the easier it will be to choose a high-quality renter when it’s time to make your final selection.

Having great tenants also helps ensure that your earnings are steady and that your property is well-maintained.

In this post, we are going over our top tips to advertise your East Bay rental property!

Tips on Rental Property Advertising

1. Enhance your Photography

As visual creatures, we tend to focus on images first before being inspired to read the text. A photo can act as a magnet for a viewer. If the photos look interesting and grab their attention, they will do more research about the property.

When putting up your property listing, attach quality pictures. We recommend hiring a professional for this. If you don’t put much effort in your photos, then you can’t expect people to be impressed!

If you take the photos yourself, we recommend considering two things: staging and lighting.

Photography Staging

Before conducting a photography session, clear your East Bay rental home of clutter.

Your photos should promote a conducive place to live in. It should speak to the lifestyle that the new resident will be enjoying. Clean up the rental space to appeal to the senses of the viewers. Pay attention to the external areas of the property as well.

Photography Lighting

Find the best time to take your shots. It’s best to rely on the golden hours of the morning and late afternoon to take advantage of the available natural light.

The better the lighting, the better the photos will turn out. If your time is limited and the conditions are less than expected, you can also use the best lighting bulbs or other lighting kits.

man taking a photo

2. Spend Time Crafting your Copy

Once you have quality images, the next most important thing is crafting your copy.

Your powerful and captivating descriptions of your rental should inspire people to reach out and contact you. Using the right words can also lead to more views.

There are two defining parts of a copy: the headline and the descriptions.


Coming up with the best headline to advertise your East Bay rental property is vital. A great headline stirs up interest and stokes people’s desire to find out more about the rental unit.

Here’s a good formula to use when creating a headline for your rental ad:

Rent price rate + Number of bedrooms + Number of bathrooms + Property type + Location + Best feature

These are things that potential renters typically look for.

Here’s an example of a headline using that formula: $1,500 1-bedroom 1-bathroom condo unit in Fremont, California with parking spot.

This attracts prospective tenants looking for a parking space and immediately tells them about the price, property size and type and location.


Once you’ve worked out your headline, it’s time to focus on the description of your rental unit. This is crucial since it makes your East Bay rental home advertisement cohesive.

In the description, you want to give more detail into the selling points of your rental. You can highlight your property’s amenities. Amenities can include a pool, garden areas, parking lots and laundry facilities.

You can also talk about the neighborhood and highlight its best features, such as the proximity to other major cities or its accessibility to public transportation.

Finally, it’s also important to state your restrictions and other important policies in the description. This will help filter out renters.

Transparency is essential here to save everyone’s time.

3. Implement the Best Distribution for your Ad

Without the most effective channel of distribution, your advertising plan can still be unsuccessful.

marketing vacant unit

So, prioritize the ad exposure for your East Bay rental home. Spend time thinking about where you can get maximum views. If your ad fails to reach your target market, your rental property will continue to suffer from vacancies.

Understand your target audience, and then find the best places to market your vacancies.

Consider sites like Trulia, Zillow, HotPads, and Zumper.

That said, avoid using just a single marketing vehicle. You may want to consider traditional marketing methods as well, such as traditional signages, newspaper ads and even flyers.

Monitor your Ads

Simply advertising once isn’t enough. You need to track the performance of your East Bay rental advertisement. Adjust it from time to time to generate more interest.

Through active advertising, you can land a larger pool of prospects. Simply letting your ads loose without proper monitoring can result in lagging behind your competitors.

If you’re serious about attracting the best type of renter, then putting in massive efforts will reward you in the end.

Bottom Line

In sum, advertising your East Bay rental home requires producing the best photos, the best copy and the most strategic distribution channel to succeed.

You may also consider creating a property video tour. Click here to learn more.

If you have more questions or are seeking more advice, contact East Bay Property Management today!