Are you looking to rent out your East Bay home? The rental industry in East Bay can be quite competitive. You may have the best marketing campaign, but if you don’t provide highly sought-after amenities, you may struggle to find good tenants.

To attract long-term tenants, you need to figure out the top amenities that renters are looking for in a rental home.

Luckily for you, in this post, we are highlighting the top 7 amenities that renters can’t resist.

1. Flexible Pet Policies

Many East Bay residents own a pet. Pet-owners often find themselves limited with options for pet-friendly accommodations. As a landlord, you may want to open your East Bay rental home to welcome tenants with pets.

You can design pet-friendly amenities, such as areas where owners can freely let their dogs loose. It’s also advisable to install scratch resistant floors and doors.

When you accept tenants with pets, you have the chance to earn more money as you can collect pet deposits, pet fees and pet rent.

That said, be aware that there are risks of renting to tenants with pets. You must weigh the pros and cons before making your decision.

2. Upgraded Furnishings and Appliances

The more modern your furnishings and appliances, the more prospective renters you will draw. While the initial costs may be high, it will pay off long-term.

Upgrades are attractive and modern appliances are energy-efficient. This will help attract tenants and make your rental stand out from its competition.

If your renters love to cook, they’d naturally look for kitchens that are well-designed and fully functional.

Some of the best furnishings and appliances to include in your kitchen are:

  • Granite countertops
  • Stainless steel ovens
  • Refrigerator
  • Microwaves
  • Gas ranges

These will make your kitchen stand out.

kitchen amenities

3. Smart Home Features

Technology is part of our daily lives. A lot of homes are now filled with smart home features. This means that residents can control various areas of their home, such as lighting and the thermostat, with their mobile phones.

Many objects inside a rental can be controlled using software and sensors. Renters appreciate living in a rental where smart home features are included. As a result, you can incorporate these popular amenities in your rentals.

4. Walkability Factor

Before investing in a rental unit in East Bay, it’s worthwhile to check the walkability of your planned real estate investment.

Location is always a priority. Attracting tenants is easy when your rental property is close to schools, dining spots, retail shops, convenience stores, parks and other urban amenities.

When your East Bay rental home has pedestrian-friendly neighborhood amenities, it will be effortless to market.

If your East Bay rental home has that walkability factor, this is a definite advantage for you.

5. Sufficient Parking Space

Parking can be stressful when the parking slots are few. If you have an East Bay rental home, try to include a parking area. This can be a great feature to entice potential tenants to sign a lease with you.

Tenants also prioritize properties that have security for their vehicles. By offering a safe parking space, you can help them gain peace of mind and give them a reason to renew their lease.

6. Storage Spaces

Renters often prefer rentals that have additional storage areas. You can install multiple walk-in closets, cabinets and pantries in your East Bay rental home.

This can attract potential tenants, especially if you’re targeting large families who need ample room for their possessions.

amenities storage space

7. Enhanced Safety and Security

Renters want to stay in a rental where they feel safe. Even if the rent is cheap, no one will choose a unit where their security is compromised. It’s absolutely necessary to ensure your East Bay rental home is well-guarded from intruders.

As a landlord, you must stay vigilant and install safety features. Consider automatic locks, security cameras, sensor alarm systems and smart electronic door locks.

This can discourage burglars and create a feeling of safety for your tenants. Review your security systems from time to time to ensure they are still compliant with safety standards and remain in excellent working order.

Bottom Line

When you include these 7 amenities in your East Bay rental home, you can easily catch the attention of prospective renters.

Tenants like to stay in secure places with ample storage areas and parking spaces. They enjoy living in homes with smart features and modern and sleek furnishings. Further, they value rentals where their pets are welcomed and neighborhood amenities are easily reached by foot.

So, by providing these, you will see that your vacant units will get filled quickly!

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