Are you wondering whether you should rent your property furnished or unfurnished?

Both types of properties have their advantages and drawbacks.

For an adequate answer to this question, you need to focus on what works best for the tenant. However, the preferences of one tenant differs from another. Thus, you need to consider all the factors involved.

In this article, we are focusing on some of the factors that distinguish furnished properties from unfurnished properties to determine what you should do!

The Differences Between Furnished and Unfurnished Rental Properties

Unfurnished properties means that the space is mostly empty, with only a few select items.

Some of the items that need to be included in an unfurnished rental include:

  • Bathroom fixtures
  • Kitchen fixtures
  • Carpets
  • Curtains
  • Washing machines
  • Refrigerators

That said, an unfurnished unit doesn’t contain actual furniture.

unfurnished unit

A furnished property contains all the above with some additional items, such as a dining table, chairs, sofa sets, beds and wardrobes. A furnished rental property is meant to provide some additional comfort to the tenants and the convenience of not having to purchase household items.

Which Type of Rental Property is More Advantageous for Landlords?

The answer to this question might not be as straightforward as you would hope.

Both furnished and unfurnished properties are advantageous to a landlord, but you’ll have to prioritize the needs of the tenants.

Having a good understanding of the types of tenants in the neighborhood can help you with this decision. It might help to reach out to a reputable property management company, such as East Bay Property Management for a consultation.

As a landlord, you may enjoy some of the following advantages when you lease an unfurnished property:

  • Your initial capital investment will be much lower. Furnishing a property can be quite costly. Tenants moving in with their own furniture can help to greatly reduce these costs.
  • You are more likely to attract tenants looking to establish long-term residence.
  • You won’t need to pay insurance on furniture since it belongs to the tenants.
  • Your tenants will enjoy more freedom. They will be able to reimagine the space and turn it into their home. Thus, they’ll want to stay long-term.

On the other hand, there are also some advantages to leasing a furnished property. These may include:

  • The ability to leverage a furnished property for a better rental income.
  • Creating convenience for tenants who do not wish to purchase furniture.
  • The chance to re-use furniture when a tenant vacates.

furnished bedroom

What Type of Property is More Advantageous for Tenants?

From a tenant’s perspective, there are certain advantages to renting either furnished or unfurnished properties. The choice that a tenant makes is mainly influenced by their needs and personal preferences.

Unfurnished properties tend to attract tenants looking to set some roots, tenants with families, or tenants who already own furniture.

Tenants are likely to enjoy some of these advantages when renting an unfurnished property:

  • The house feels more like home. Though some furnished rental properties might have great furniture, that does not compare to the feeling of buying your own furniture and having a more personalized space. This is one of the deciding factors for tenants when choosing between furnished and unfurnished properties.
  • An unfurnished property provides more convenience. This applies mainly to tenants who have their own furniture. The tenants won’t need to go out of their way to find storage space.
  • An unfurnished property will cost less. The rental prices for unfurnished properties are generally lower than furnished ones. This difference in rental prices tends to add up in the long term.

A furnished rental property is more likely to attract short-term tenants, corporate entities looking to provide staff housing, or young professionals searching for convenience.

Typically, a furnished rental space provides the following advantages to its tenants:

  • Furnished properties provide a great deal of flexibility for a short-term tenant. Tenants who intend to stay for a short period can enjoy the convenience of having all the domestic items they need as they go about their activities.
  • They cost less in the short-term. A tenant who is only starting out might find it difficult to purchase their own furniture. Until they can afford such costs, furnished rental spaces are more convenient.
  • Corporate entities save on the time it would take to sell the furniture or the shipping costs involved when they relocate to a new location.


Part Furnished Rental Properties

As a compromise, you may decide to lease your property as a part furnished rental. This is an increasingly popular alternative where a landlord and tenant may meet each other halfway to find a solution that works best for both of them.

One of the ways this can be done is if landlords provide the much larger items of furniture, such as beds, and make the tenants purchase the rest.

In doing so, landlords only incur a fraction of the cost and the tenants still have enough freedom to personalize their space.

Part furnished properties also enable you to attract more tenants. If the tenants already own furniture, the few furniture items can easily be stored or moved elsewhere. Conversely, tenants without furniture may not mind renting a part furnished house if it has the basic domestic items that they need.


Whether you have a property in Milpitas, Livermore, or elsewhere, you may be wondering if it’s best to rent your house furnished or unfurnished.

Before making the decision, you need to do some research on your local real estate rental market. Consult a reputable property management company to gain more information on market patterns.

At East Bay Property Management, we have a wealth of experience and intimate knowledge of the market in the East Bay area. Our professional team can help you lighten the load of property ownership and maximize your return on investment.

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