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Quality Rental Management in Livermore, California

Are you looking to hire a property manager in Livermore, CA?

East Bay Property Management is here to offer you excellent services. These include marketing, advertising, placing tenants, day-to-day property management, and accounting. Located in Fremont, California, we serve various types of properties. These include single-family homes, townhomes, condominium units, commercial properties, and multi-family homes. We serve the East Bay area. This includes Union City, Milpitas, Castro Valley, Newark, and more.

East Bay PM was founded by two brothers. They are long-term residents of East Bay and have good knowledge of the area. They also have 3 decades of property management expertise.

East Bay Property Management is a member of various highly respected organizations. These include NARPM (National Association of Residential Property Managers) and NABPOP (National Association of Broker Price Opinion Professionals). We’re also affiliated with East Bay Association of Realtors and Equal Housing Opportunity.

What makes East Bay PM unique is our 5 property management guarantees. We guarantee the following for our clients:

  1. On-time rent payment guarantee
  2. 21-day rental guarantee
  3. $2000 eviction guarantee
  4. Pet guarantee
  5. Month-to-month management guarantee

East Bay Property Management’s central focus is on rental property management. This means our time is not split with selling real estate property. At East Bay Property Management, your property is our priority!

Contact us now at (510) 996 3229 to start a great journey on your success as a rental property owner.

Our Property Management Services

Here at East Bay Property Management, we are confident in our performance as a team. Partnering with us, you’ll enjoy the following services:

1. Marketing of Your Livermore Rental Property

Conducting a rental analysis is essential to the marketing process. This allows us to evaluate if there are ways to make your property more attractive to its target market. If improvements are needed, we give these recommendations to the property owners. We’re open to overseeing these improvements, should the owner wish. After this, we set an optimal price that allows our clients to make the most out of their investments.

In terms of advertising, we use professional photography to capture visual interest. We place ads on 20 high-traffic real estate listing websites. We also put up a video tour on YouTube so that interested applicants can get a 3D feel before they visit.

rental property success

2. Tenant Screening Process

Tenants are invaluable to the rental property business. We see to it that our clients only have the highest-quality tenants in their property. This means reviewing their financial capability, rental history, and more. It also involves using previous landlord references.

We follow Fair Housing laws accordingly. This means we do not discriminate against any prospective tenants. Our selection process is thorough. After finding a tenant that we think is fit, we always get the property owner’s opinion of our choice. Despite our 21-day rental guarantee, we are meticulous in selecting the right tenant for the rental.

3. Rent Collection

Rent collection is the financial driver of rental property investment. We ensure our clients will receive these payments in their bank account by the 12th of each month. This is part of our on-time rent guarantee. Should you not receive your rent payments by then, our services will be free for you for that month.

finding good rental tenants

4. Property Repairs & Maintenance

Day to day property maintenance can be taxing when you self-manage your property. We will lift that burden off you and handle all tenant concerns from the get-go. Our in-house maintenance manager will monitor the interior and exterior of your property. We conduct an annual home inspection to alleviate preventable maintenance issues.

Should an emergency arise, we’re available 24/7 to help.

5. Detailed Financial Reporting

Monitoring your finances is extremely easy with East Bay PM. We are transparent and provide you with monthly statements on your property. We deposit your rent payments regularly in your designated bank account. You can expect to receive the 1099 tax form and a year-end statement from us, saving the time of having to retrieve these yourself. In addition, your tenant’s security deposit will be safely kept in a trust account so it’s convenient for you to return when the lease ends.

rental property financial reporting

About Livermore, California

Livermore is a populous city in Alameda County, named after Robert Livermore. Livermore was a rancher who settled there in the 1840s. He was a friend of the city’s founder, William Mendenhall.

Residents love living in Livermore for its safety and modern rustic environment. It has great weather all year round making outdoor activities popular. There are plenty of premium outlets around Livermore for your shopping needs. The city’s proximity to San Francisco allows residents to enjoy the nearby city amenities. Moreover, Livermore is ideal for families. This is because of its child-oriented parks and excellent school programs.

  • In addition, living in Livermore will give you access to:
  • Vine Cinema and Ale House – for movie-goers and those who want to enjoy a refreshing pint of ale.
  • Blacksmith Square – Livermore is home to 40 internationally recognized wineries. This makes the area a favorite for wine-tasters.
  • Sunken Gardens Skate Park – If you have kids or are a fan of skateboarding, you’ll appreciate this 11,000 square foot park.
  • Del Valle Regional Park – Outdoor enthusiasts will love camping, fishing, and sailing at this park.

Areas We Serve

Some of the areas we offer our property management services in include Castro Valley, Milpitas, Newark, Pleasanton, Union City, Dublin, and many others.