Areas We Serve

At East Bay Property Management and Consulting, we stand alongside you every step of the way concerning the management of your rental property. Our team provides every service necessary for your investments to prosper. We follow a six-step process to accurately advertise your East Bay properties, find quality tenants to reside in them, and maintain every aspect of your landlord duties. Through everything, you’ll remain worry-free, knowing that you have a professional team on your side.

We Proudly Serve the Following Areas:

Alameda County

Alameda County is a gorgeous area located in the San Francisco Bay region. Its tree-lined streets and picturesque surroundings make for a great place to live.

It’s known for its lively entertainment scene, cultural hotspot, and its family-centric amenities and schooling options. The nightlife in Alameda County is thriving, alongside its more relaxed spots, like parks and cafes. Alameda County makes for the ideal community and many are looking for a home here.

Castro Valley

Castro Valley is a vibrant community that offers a wide variety of things to do while here. Every visitor finds what they’re looking for while in the area.

The culinary scene is popular, with more than enough dining spots for even the most adventurous palate. Additionally, the focus on arts and culture is a highlight of Castro Valley, which is showcased through the Castro Valley Arts Foundation in the area. There are plenty of unique options for activities in Castro Valley.


Carrying the same name as the Irish city, Dublin is a suburban area located in Alameda County, California. With the bustle of a big city, as well as the relaxed atmosphere of a small town, Dublin has the best of both worlds.

Dublin knows how to throw the best community events. Like the name implies, this city celebrates festivals like St Patrick’s Day like no other. Dublin’s intricate historical background is present in its arts and culinary scenes. Dublin is also a diverse city with a variety of activities to partake in and places to go.


Fremont is the metropolitan landscape of any city lover’s dream. Its location is easily accessible to shopping areas, renowned schools and universities, and cultural events.

Arts and performance are at the forefront of Fremont, with art galleries and theatre establishments for all to visit. Moreover, Fremont offers historic attractions and museums for a look into this area’s rich background.


Livermore has a vibrant community surrounded by a natural, rustic environment. The area is known for its variety in outdoor activities and family-friendly outing opportunities.

Livermore also caters to every shopaholic’s needs, with a wide range of outlets and businesses to indulge in. For a taste of the city every once in awhile, Livermore is fairly close by to San Francisco. Livermore is also perfect for families, as it’s surrounded by high rated schools and community parks.


Milpitas is an exciting city located in Santa Clara County. While it may be small, its character is just the opposite, as it offers a great variety in activities and events.

Families living here enjoy the quality of life they recieve from residing in Milipitas. The parks located all over the city are perfect for daytime outings and encourage residents to participate in outdoor activities. Additionally, Milpitas has a ton of shopping and dining options for every taste.


Located in Almeda County, Newark is a lively area for anyone who enjoys spending time outdoors and participating in community activities. Its abundance in outdoor recreation makes Newark a great place for families.

With the option to visit parks and enjoy its scenic nature, living in Newark is worthwhile. Newark also has great entertainment, shopping and culinary options for residents and visitors to enjoy.


Pleasanton is a city situated in Alameda County. The community is known for its inclusivity, safety and range of activity opportunities. Pleasanton is perfect for families, as local schools here are highly rated.

There are countless outdoor activities residents of Pleasanton can partake in, especially in the beautiful Pleasanton Ridge Regional Park. Hiking, biking and playing sports against the scenic backdrop of this park is made for time well spent. Pleasanton also has a scattering of locations that add more to the community, like the farmers’ market and several museums.

Union City

Another location in Alameda County, Union City offers a wide range of activities for residents and tourists alike. The community is lively, and has many opportunities for fun.

With the number of parks, attractions and entertainment options, families will have the best time in Union City. Outdoor outings are always great when there are parks such as the ones in Union City. Living in Union City provides residents with a bright, bustling quality of life.


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