Residents of Livermore, California are easily connected to a vibrant arts and culture community and superior schools. Add to that, fine vineyards and breweries abound in the city. The prime location is also a great pull for those interested in moving to a new area. Livermore has wonderful public amenities such as community parks and recreational gyms, too.

With a population of around 90 000 people, Livermore, California is a medium-sized city. It has a mix of white-collar and blue-collar workforces. There’s a good public transportation system, including convenient bus routes. 

Livermore is known for being ethnically diverse. People of Hispanic or Latino origins make up around 20% of its residents. Aside from English, Spanish and Chinese are predominant languages in the area.

Average house prices in Livermore have risen from $360 000 in 2012 to an average of $745 000 today. Livermore’s home prices are much higher than than the national average. However, buying property in Livermore is affordable compared to the more expensive California communities, considering its perks. 

Here are Some of the Most Attractive Neighborhoods in Livermore, California

1. Northside

Average house price: $250K – $350K

The ideal home differs depending on your needs and desires. For people who prioritize convenience, Northside is a good choice. You can pick from detached homes, duplexes or apartments. Living in Northside, you can head quickly to downtown Livermore for your shopping needs.

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And shopping isn’t all there is to do in the Livermore area. Spanning over 12 acres of green space, Northside residents can also enjoy the May Nissen Park located there. The park is equipped with impressive amenities. You can take a dip in the Swim Center, or hold family picnics with barbecue pits and picnic tables available. Kids can also enjoy the play structures and sports fields. If you own a dog, there’s a designated dog park.

2. Springtown

Average home price: $250K – $350K

Consisting of several neighborhoods, Springtown is a wonderful choice for families raising kids and looking for affordable good-sized homes. Springtown houses are mostly located in the Northeast, with its original subdivision constructed back in the ’60s. The home sizes generally range from 800 to 1400 square feet. 

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Other great nearby choices include Spring Valley and Spring Valley Commons. Both were built in the mid-1980s. The former offers detached and attached homes, while the latter offers compact condominium units. In Springtown, kids can enroll conveniently in Altamont Creek Elementary, Croce Elementary, Christensen Middle School and Livermore High School.

3. Jensen

Average home price: $300K – $400K

Another excellent neighborhood in Livermore is Jensen. It’s a great fit for people who are looking for plenty of space to raise for raising kids. It occupies a prime location in the center of the city. Constructed back in the late 1950s, Jensen homes are a good size: ranging from 900 to 1600 square feet.

The average lot in Jensen can be as big as 6000 square feet. Schools near Jensen include: Jackson Ave Elementary, East Ave Middle School and Livermore High School. If you’re looking for comfort and an accessible location, Jensen may be the perfect neighborhood for you. 

4. Leland Heights

Average home price: $300K – $400K

Though Leland Heights is an old neighborhood in contrast to others, it’s still a great choice. With its central location, you’ll have comfortable access to shopping, a variety of restaurants and freeways. The homes are also good-sized. They range from 1000 to 1700 square feet, and have generous lot sizes of 6000 square feet.

If you have school age kids, they can enroll in Michelle Elementary, Mendenhall Middle School and Granada High School. Leland Heights has a wonderful combination of convenience and comfort. The homes are also attractive and charming, with its tree-lined streets.

5. Summerset

Average home price: $350K – $500K

On to the West side  of Livermore, you’ll find the Summerset subdivision. Homes in Summerset were constructed in mid-60s to early 70s. With home sizes ranging from 1000 to 2000 square feet and lot sizes from 6000 to 8000 square feet, it offers generous living space.

The strong family vibe in Summerset is perfect for families raising kids, since there are parks where kids can leisurely play. They can be enrolled in Sunset Elementary, Rancho Last Positas Elementary School, Junction Ave Middle School, Mendenhall Middle School and Granada High School. 

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Another lovely feature of Summerset is the trail networks for outdoor enthusiasts to appreciate. You can find a 7.9 acre park called Hagemann Park where families can go on weekend barbecue picnics. The park also has a play area and sports fields for energetic kids. Summerset residents love its proximity to the freeways, shopping spots, and numerous restaurants. 

6. Carlton Square

Average home price: $400K – $550K

For buyers hunting for good value, Carlton Square is a wonderful option. It’s located near the downtown area of Livermore. Its homes are typically between 1100 to 1800 square feet in size.

The homes are mainly single story with lot sizes ranging from 6500 to 7500 square feet. Families can enroll their kids conveniently at Smith Elementary, Mendenhall Middle School and Granada High School. 

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Other attractive neighborhoods in Livermore include: Autumn Valley, Granada Park, Avondale, Sunset East, Sunset West, Greenville North, Whispering Pines, Dover Place and Three Fountains.

Your choice of neighborhood depends on what needs you have. Do you want to be near schools? Is a central location important to you? Do you prioritize spaciousness? As always, be sure to check out these important aspects of any property you’re considering

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