Are you dealing with high tenant turnover? Are you struggling to get your tenants to pay rent? The best solution is to hire a property management company to deal with all the stress and frustration that comes with being a landlord. Here are some of the top reasons why you should consider hiring a property manager.

Higher Quality Tenants

When you hire a property manager you no longer need to worry about tenant interaction. Property management companies like EBPM – East Bay has proven marketing techniques to attract and retain the best tenants. Using a thorough screening process, EBPM – East Bay will be able to identify the correct tenants, and will ensure they pay on time. Our experienced team has seen thousands of applications and understands how to sort through information and find out true information about the tenants.

Reduce the Risk of Legal Matters

Landlords often need to deal with a variety of issues from financial headaches to legal issues. Property management companies make sure all the information given to tenants is correct and it is not leaving your company vulnerable to lawsuits.

Shorter Vacancy Cycles

Keeping someone in your property is the only way to continue making money. A property manager will ensure that quality tenants are renting or leasing your property. Here are some of the things a property manager will do to ensure there is less time between vacancies:

  • Improving the property to make it desirable for tenants. Property management companies oversee cosmetic improvements to the property that aid in maximizing revenue.
  • Setting the best rent rate. Property management companies use market research and property management programs designed to evaluate the area and determine the best rent rate for the property.
  • Stronger marketing techniques. Experienced property management companies have dealt with thousands of marketing materials designed to attract the best tenants. Property management companies do have relationships with various advertising firms and they have stronger connections to obtain lower advertising costs online and offline.

Better Collection Process and Tighter Rent

When you need to collect rent and late payments, it can be incredibly stressful. Some landlords have personal relationships with their tenants, which make it harder for them to collect the money. The way you handle late payments and monthly rent can make a difference in having tenants that always pay on time or ones that are consistently late. Tenants will take advantage of landlords, which is why it’s nice to use a property management company to be the middleman between you and your tenants.

Dealing with Evictions

Another area where property management companies excel is with evictions. There are strict laws pertaining to evictions and the eviction process. Property management companies understand the law and have proven techniques that make it easier to properly evict someone. Never needing to deal with another eviction is one of the most compelling reasons to hire a property management company.

Repair and Maintenance

Property maintenance and repairs will help to keep tenants happy and will aid in preserving the value of your investment. EBPM – East Bay has a network of licensed, bonded and insured contractors and technicians available to work on your property. No matter what time of day, property management companies are on-call and ready to assist tenants with emergencies and other repair needs.

If you are ready to avoid dealing with the stress associated with being a landlord, now is the time to work with a property management company in California. Trust EBPM – East Bay for all your property management needs.