What happens when you need to evict a tenant through no fault of their own? Some landlords need to evict a tenant based on personal decision to evict them at the end of their lease. There are some landlords that determine to switch to a monthly rental agreement instead of a long-term agreement. Having more control over the terms with the tenants allows the landlord to maintain a steady tenant stream.

Why Do Landlords Use No-Fault Evictions?

A no-fault eviction is commonly used when a landlord determines they need a tenant to leave the property for a personal or business decision. Commonly, landlords cite the following reasons for tenant evictions:

  • To use the property for a family member
  • To use the property as a resident manager
  • To demolish or renovate the property
  • To remove the property from rental housing use
  • Has been told to vacate the unit or building by order of a government agency or legal violations
  • To sell the property (landlords can do so unless it is owned by the Federal Government)

Tenant Objections to No-Fault Evictions

Unfortunately for well-paying tenants, and those who abide by the rules, a no-fault eviction can be devastating news. Landlords are required to provide tenants with adequate time to find new housing. Most landlords will provide at least 30-60 days’ notice to the tenants.

No-fault evictions can require a landlord to provide a relocation payment based on the situation. In California, a household evicted for less than 20 days will have a relocation payment by state law. Since relocation payments are mandatory for 20 days or less in most cases, East Bay Property Management and Consulting recommends always planning to provide tenants with plenty of time to acquire new housing.

What Happens if a Tenant Refuses to Vacate the Property?

Most tenants will choose to leave the property within the designated time frame, but there are always exceptions to the rule. As a property owner, you need to understand your legal rights when it comes to tenant eviction. A landlord is placed in the position to evict the tenant, which can be difficult and can involve legal action.

Working with East Bay Property Management and Consulting is a great way to avoid the hassle that comes with tenant evictions. Let our team help you properly manage your property to avoid difficult situations that could lead to a decline in your monthly rental income.